Wyzebulb’s Throttling

For free or trial users, if your campaigns/workflows attempt to perform too many operations in a short span, you’ll receive an error that the workflow/campaign has been throttled. That limit is approximately 200 operations every 30-second window across all your workflows and campaigns.

Throttling from Other Services

Some of the integrations have API limits and throttling mechanisms of their own. We handle this through the platform by queuing your operations.

Webhook Throttling

Each users’ webhooks are subject to a collective 429 status code rate limit after 2,000 requests in a 1-minute window. This includes user data webhooks or any other REST-based hooks.
Each individual webhook will return a 429 status code after around 30 requests per second to ensure smooth processing of your operations.

During heavy periods of sustained webhook activity- we may return 200 status but still delay the processing of your webhooks by several minutes. If you wish to enforce proper delivery to any of your webhooks – please retry delivery on anything besides a 200 status code from Wyzebulb and use an industry standard exponential backoff interval for retries.