Facebook provides a nice tool for testing your Lead Ads forms and/or the Lead Ads integration.

It is called Lead Ads Testing Tool, and you can check it out here.

To test your form/integration, you need to select the Page that the form is associated with and then select the form name. Here, you have two options:

  • “Create Lead” button, Facebook will push test data (usually dummy or your personal contact details).
  • “Preview form” link, the actual form is replicated and you can push any data that you’d like.

We recommend using the second option: “Preview form” as it allows for more flexibility. 

Please note that Facebook allows only ONE test lead per account. This means that you can test a form only one time unless you delete the existing test lead. So, the best practice is to delete the created test lead using “Delete Lead” button, and proceed with the further tests.

Additional Note: When you delete a test lead, it will be deleted from the Facebook servers. Any workflows that you’ve configured for that form/integration will still be executed.