Wyzebulb provides two ways to import data onto the platform:

  • Manual upload
  • Push data through webhooks

You can manually upload all your data dumps (preferably in the CSV format) from the User Management interface directly on the platform or via FTP upload. Your data dumps should have the header row (the top row) to help us identify the data mappings. Once your upload is successful, you can then configure your fields for use in your workflows and campaigns via the Field Configuration interface.

Additionally, you can just hook with the platform via the user data webhooks. You can access the appropriate settings on the User Management interface.

Please make sure that the data is sent consistently in batches for smoother processing,  and do keep an eye out for any errors. As a rule of thumb, if you see any status other than 200, please retry the push and use an industry standard exponential backoff interval for retries.