I have a Business Manager account but Wyzebulb is connecting my personal Facebook account

The permissions for Facebook Lead Ads in Business Manager are assigned to your personal Facebook account. Any Pages/Ad Accounts that you’ve been assigned to in Business Manager are available when you connect your personal Facebook account.

Error: “Problem creating webhook subscription”

If you run into this error when trying to test any of your Facebook Lead Ads workflows, it could be that your linked Facebook account is not an Admin of the page you selected. Your connected account needs to be an Admin of the page to be able to use this integration.

You can check to see if your account is an Admin by opening your Facebook page settings and navigating to “Page Roles”.

If you are using Facebook Business Manager to manage your Page, you can check to see if your account is a Page Admin by navigating to the “People and Assets” section in Business Manager Settings.

If you are getting this error and you are an Admin of the page, please mail us at support@wyzebulb.com so we can take a look!

Facebook Lead Ads is returning ad_id as 0

This is caused when a lead is sent from the Facebook testing tool since it was not an organic lead. When you map that field, you can expect it to work once the workflow is deployed and is running on your real leads.

My existing leads in Facebook aren’t getting processed by the workflow

Wyzebulb will not be able to see any of the leads that were created before your workflow was deployed live; we can only process leads that have filled the form after the workflow started executing.